The most powerful & easiest national magazine offer

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Reach 1 out of 2 Belgians with Magixx 

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Magixx is the leading magazine alliance in Belgium, associating 3 key actors (Roularta, DPG & Rossel Advertising) in a packaged, powerful and easy offering. 

Reach 1 out of 2 Belgians in one go ! 

Birthday promotion : 1+1 on Magixx Reach
from 1/7/2022 - 31/8/2022

Magixx magazines
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A powerful and highly qualitative reach

Magazine readers are a highly engaged audience, focused on their reading. They are seeing ads as an integral parts of the content. In a world of fast content, magazines offer the unique opportunity of a "slow media", allowing your message to be seen, well perceived and memorized in a qualitative context. 

Magixx magazines