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The most powerful & efficient national magazine offer

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Reach 1 out of 2 Belgians with Magixx 

Magixx is the leading magazine alliance in Belgium, associating 3 key actors (Roularta, DPG & Rossel Advertising) in a packaged, powerful and easy offering. 


The latest (Oct '23) CIM numbers show consolidated results

for the Magixx Packs.
Magixx Reach (Libelle, Femmes d'aujourd'hui, Knack, Le Vif, Dag Allemaal, Humo, Soir Magazine and Ciné Télé Revue)

reaches 1 out of 3 Belgians (16+).

With Magixx Reach 3, you can even reach almost 1 out of 2 Belgians.

This pack stands for engaged audiences receptive for magazine brands and advertising.

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A powerful and highly qualitative reach

Magazine readers are a highly engaged audience, focused on their reading. They are seeing ads as an integral parts of the content. In a world of fast content, magazines offer the unique opportunity of a "slow media", allowing your message to be seen, well perceived and memorized in a qualitative context. 

Magixx magazines
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titres magixx 2021.png

The external research expert AqRate tested different campaigns on Recognition and Attribution. The results are very high! 60% of the research panel saw the Magixx campaign. Of those that saw the campaign, 72% could attribute it to the right advertiser.

60 say they saw the magixx campaign.PNG
72 can attribute the campaign to the right brand (posttest).PNG
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