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The external research expert AqRate tested different campaigns on Recognition and Attribution. The results are very high! 60% of the research panel saw the Magixx campaign. Of those that saw the campaign, 72% could attribute it to the right advertiser.

60 say they saw the magixx campaign.PNG
72 can attribute the campaign to the right brand (posttest).PNG

Since the era of Magazines, ads are seen as an integral part of the medium. There is even a positive sentiment towards them. 

84proc agree that ads in magazines show interesting promo-2.PNG
88 agre that belgian magazines are high quality.PNG

Local editors are perceived as very qualitative.  Magazines have always been perceived as positive due to the strong journalistic character and interesting content.

Ads in magazines aren't only for the show.  because there are not to many ads within one edition, the clutter is minimal. it shows in the results, as 3 our of 4 say they discovered a new product or brand while reading a magazine.

77 say that they discovered products or brands thanks to ads in magazines.PNG
50 say that they visit the website after reading ad in a magazine.PNG

Ads in magazines also deliver direct impact. 1 out of 2 respondent state they have visited the website of a brand they show an ad from in a Magazine. 

*Source: Magixx Posts test Trackers ; 2021-2022 (by AqRate)

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